My Life with Animals

I grew up with dogs, cats and lots of various small animals and aviary’s full of birds since a small child. They have always been a big part of my life. I also helped when old enough at the local RSPCA in London and used to bring many of the small animal and birds home to save them being destroyed and help find them homes or release them back to the wild

I then got involved with obedience training as a teenager with a lovely Collie who I got to competition standard and used to help run the Dog Training Club. Over the years I have had many waifs and strays after getting involved in the rescue world after adopting another Collie and have supported and fostered many dogs, from young puppies to severely traumatized puppy farm dogs. I learnt so much from these years about dogs and their behaviors.

I helped a number of rescues for 5 years but then had the opportunity to help our local RSPCA as a Rehoming Officer which after training involved assessing dogs and finding them the right home.

My life changed 12 years ago after we decided with another local family to rent a property in Spain for a few years –I quickly learnt about the untold cruelty and neglect of the animals there and seeing for myself the wonderful dogs and people trying to save them. I felt strongly that I had to help these dogs and the wonderful volunteers involved in Spain so I founded a local rescue called Starfish Dog Rescue which is another story in itself.

Starfish has organically grown over the years with local people fostering, plus with the amazing support of our local Vet’s Practice we help dogs from Spain and local Gloucestershire dogs, plus a dog Pound in Bristol too. We are still a small rescue and every dog is important to us. We always make sure every dog gets the best of care and homes. You can read more about Starfish Dog Rescue on Facebook and our Website.

I myself own a wayward young Spaniel who is completely bonkers, a lovely old now Rottie x Lab boy and a Lab x Boy who is also approaching his senior years, two cats, one actually from Spain rescued a tiny feral kitten left to die and big white cat who thinks he is a dog – all of my animals are Rescues. These five animals are amazing with the new dogs we often foster from Spain and UK making them feel at home and learn the world is a good place.

I have started Nana’s as both my children are more or less independent now and its time after 12 years of running a Holiday Let Management Company to follow my dreams and passions which has always been the animals.

We have set up a private facebook page for our clients where we will show pictures and videos
of our days with your precious ones for your peace of mind.