Services and prices

Below is our prices and services.

We offer a free initial visit to meet yourselves and your fur family which is not only
important to you to make sure you are happy but also for myself to learn all I can
about your pets particular needs. Like people, all dogs and cats are different.

The pricing is based on the animals being within 5 mile radius of Brownshill for all our
services anything further will have additional petrol charges. Each walk is up to a hour,
additional dogs from same address will be an additional £5.00.

Please note we have access to a secure field which will be included in the walk for safe off lead running. For your security there is no signage on our vehicles nor do we wear an uniform which could easily advertise the fact that the house is empty when we visit.

Small group walk – enjoying the local woods and fields                                                £14.00
(please see our facebook page for videos of some of our
walks. We also have access to a secure fenced field for
dogs who either do not have a good recall or not dog
friendly but need to let off stream.

Reductions for second dogs

This is very limited and for dogs that are compatible                                                         £25.00
with our 3 dogs and 2 cats they will be treated as part of
our family and be included in their walks or can
accompany me to the secure field.

Home Boarding                                                                                                                  £25.00

Cat/ small pet visits home visit if within 5 mile radius of                                                    £10.00
Brownshill, have my own two cats and have grown up
with rabbits, guinea pigs etc, also had an aviary so lots of

Having behaviour/training problems with your dogs, life with                                            £35.00
your with your dog not how you imagined it? We can help with
practical sensible support and advice, all based on reward &

Having worked with so many dogs over the years, I am
afraid its often the owner not realising what they are doing wrong or
not having been given the right advice. Its usually more simple then
you realise to be rectified, that’s why its important we meet you and
your dog in your home so we can hear all the details on your dogs
past, lifestyle and watch you both together. Its a bit like a counselling
session but for canines. We have kept these costs as low as possible
as we really want you both to stay together and more importantly have
a happy life subsequent visits will always be cheaper.

Phone support will be free.